Smart & Agile Logistics Network

Achieve efficient network orchestration and remove process
inefficiencies across the touchpoints of logistics operations
by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Logistics industry is essentially network-structured and highly characterized by uncertainty and volatility. Logistics companies rely on vast numbers of external participants including trading partners, carriers, staff, airlines, fleet providers, delivery partners, warehouse operators etc that collaborate in many ways to rapidly achieve results.
A harmonious and intelligent ecosystem among the participants is necessary to manage the multi-party business processes that are critical to logistics industry operations.
The logistics industry is currently in the midst of a huge transformation with the application of AI and ML techniques and maturing from a reactive to a proactive service provider to the customers. The need for the proactive approach has been extended to include the customers, telematics, environmental intelligence, market intelligence etc into the logistics network and has increased the degree of complexity faced by the logistics organizations.
Major Challenges
  • Strategic-network Planning

    Lack of end-to-end visibility across the various touch points of logistics-network is seriously affecting the logistics companies to strategically manage staff, resources, fleet, warehouse etc. A well leveraged data sensing tool with predictive intelligence is essential for companies to make a fundamental shift in the operations.

  • Intelligent-Route Optimization

    Proactive learning of pickup and delivery route dynamics based on customer needs, traffic conditions, weather conditions, risks, density and spread of delivery staff & locations is crucial to optimally deploy the shipment operations. This requires a robust infrastructure that senses telematics data from the assets, assimilates and derives analytical insights on real time to achieve operational excellence.

  • Market & Weather Intelligence

    The competitive landscape for logistics industry are changing continuously due to the explosive impact of increase in global flow of goods and trades across the borders. Logistics companies need intelligence from various market sources and weather data to constantly re-position themselves for managing high volumes of goods on low operating margins.


What We Offer

Strategy Support

Build exemplary capability maturity models for logistics organizations that sets the new-age digital transformation of the organizations based on strategic value drivers and the roadmap for establishing such value streams.

Data Acquisition Platform

Architect an advanced AI & ML technology platform that shall curate orthogonal data from:

  • Internal sources originating from multiple touchpoints such as Sourcing, Inward Logistics, Warehouse Management, Outward Logistics, Fleet Management, Staff Movement, Fleet Movement, Telematics, Sorting Tables, Transactions.
  • External sources such as: Customer Data, Weather Data, Shipment Data, Global Trade Indicators, Financial Indicators etc.
Next-Gen Analytics Solution

Design and deploy a robust analytics solutions using the data acquisition platform that shall have the following features:

  • Predictive Network Management
  • Predictive Demand Sensing and Capacity Planning
  • AI Powered Customer Experience
  • Predictive Risk Management
  • Multichannel Analytics & Derivation of Insights on Real-Time basis.
  • Self-learning Predictive and Prescriptive Models
  • Real-time Workforce Management
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