Transform your business with
Data & Artificial Intelligence.

We discover opportunities from your data assets and deliver
tangible business outcomes that can help your organization
to outreach the competition.

Are you prepared to DATA-CHARGE your organization
and reap the real value of your data assets?

What we do

We craft mathematical solutions from data streams.

We ideate data and analytics strategies, establish data value chain and model solutions using domain and industrial knowledge.

We deploy best-in-class data solutions to derive valuable insights and translate such insights into business values.

Our Services
Data Strategy.

Deep-dive journey into the data assets and drawing the progressive vision of a data capable organization gets initiated here.

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Applied Research.

Data transformation is guided by unlocking the data assets and engineering the features with a mix of applied mathematical models curated by human experts.

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Product Development.

Applying smarter solutions to business problems needs a fully-managed software product that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and analytics engine.

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Industries We Serve

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Drive portfolio management and minimize risks through data-driven insights and achieve maximization of wealth creation and customer experience.

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Digitally “smartify” the upstream & downstream components of the industry by partaking in the momentous Industry 4.0 drive that is radically changing the way products are made, sold & delivered.

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Supply Chain

Catapult from the slow and inaccurate traditional planning and forecasting techniques to proactive demand sensing by data-charging the ecosystem of your organization’s supply chain.

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Derive enormous benefits and establish a strategic position in the highly competitive logistics market by transforming your operational ecosystem with data sensing and analytical capabilities.

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