Smarter Wealth Creation

Be data driven to gain a competitive edge on trading
and financial markets ecosystem and identify the direct
and indirect investment opportunities at the right time.

The Financial Services Industry has been dealing with the deluge of data even before the wave of new-age analytics reshaped many industries. The inherent dynamics of financial industry is all about analyzing the data for insights and manage the entropy of data effectively.
Banking and Financial Organizations continuously dive deep into the data trails to identify patterns and derive insights which helps them to improve operational efficiency for higher margins.
Major Challenges
  • Validate the quality of the data sources, blend, curate and harness to provide a single glass pane to the customer.
  • Build analytical models from the assembled data to calculate the various parameters of the financial assets.
  • Maintaining a robust IT infrastructure that manages the inflow and outflow of raw and curated data.
  • Deliver the insights to the financial experts and remover the complexities in decision making.

What We Offer

Automated Data Pipelines

Design and deploy smart data acquisition systems that extract data from multiple sources, treat data at various levels and the speed of change in business landscape, stream data to the data acquisition infrastructure and deliver insights.

Analytics Sandbox

Deploy solution stack that generates descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics on the assimilated data and stream binary, numerical and visual insights to the analysts on real-time.

Proprietary Mathematical Models

No single algorithm can offer a perfect solution to any data problem at question. Algorithms have to blended at various levels based on how the data unties the information to the data scientists. The data gets treated as per the required objective of the problem, outcomes of feature engineering, convergence parameters of algorithms, augmentation of data value at every path of data treatment etc.

We apply the domain-expertise of our financial and mathematical data modeling techniques and postulate proprietary algorithms that gives a unique advantage to the organizations.

Our Capabilities

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